Hygiene concept of the business & conference Sporthotel Großwallstadt

... enjoy the stay successfully with safety

Your health, welfare and safety are of paramount importance to us. Not only since Corona, our industry for hygiene standards has invested a high level of care and training for employees. This expertise is reflected in many ways in all areas for our guests. However, now that a basic global immunization has taken place, we too are returning to a hotel routine that puts the guest first without neglecting hygiene standards. The hygiene concept is always updated on the basis of the available data and the results of scientific studies.

General hygiene rules

In this way, we focus on personal responsibility among guests and employees. At the same time, we assume that everyone will act in a caring manner and in the interest of the community:

  • Respect each other's privacy and maintain more distance
  • Continue to observe sneezing and coughing etiquette
  • Wear an FFP2 mask if there are signs of cold symptoms
  • Wash and disinfect hands regularly
  • Disinfection dispensers are available in all public areas and washrooms
  • The public areas are regularly ventilated (fresh air, supply air and exhaust air)
  • Talk to us if you feel unwell - for your own protection as well as for the protection of all others.
  • Our employees are instructed on protective measures and rules of conduct


Important information at a glance

Check‐in / Check‐out

  • The check-in process is designed with distance between guest and receptionist. The plexiglass partition reduces the risk of infection.
  • Room keys/cards and pens are disinfected after being returned.
  • Please refrain from cash payments whenever possible.
  • Take advantage of our quick check-out option the evening before your departure.

Room cleaning

  • Before your arrival, in addition to the usual room cleaning, which of course includes the replacement of all bed linen and terry cloths as well as the ventilation of your room, a disinfection of all contact surfaces takes place.
  • During room cleaning, we ask you to leave the room so that only the cleaning staff is in the room.
  • If you do not wish to have housekeeping services during your stay, please inform the reception before or upon arrival.


  • Breakfast is offered as a breakfast buffet. Before using the buffet, please disinfect your hands at the provided disinfection dispensers.
  • If the number of guests in the hotel is low, we offer a continental breakfast, which you can order individually at the reception the night before, no later than 20:00.

Wallstadt‘s Restaurant

  • Please enter the restaurant from the outside through the main entrance.
  • You will be seated by the service staff.
  • All contact surfaces such as tables, chairs, etc. will be disinfected after guests leave or when tables are changed.
  • Glassware, dishes, and utensils of preparation are cleaned in the dishwasher at more than 68 °C for the cleaning solution and of at least 65 °C for the rinse. Appropriately effective surfactants/detergents from Johannes KIEHL KG (www.kiehl-group.com) are used for each cleaning rinse cycle.
  • Regular aeration and deaeration by means of a fresh air exchange and additional air filters ensure a pleasant room climate

On the floors

Door handles, light switches and handrails on stairs in public areas are disinfected daily.

Toilets/ sanitary rooms

The cleaning of the toilet facilities, as well as the door handles and fittings in the guest toilets is carried out in regular cleaning cycles with proof. The cleaning cycles are posted with the signature of the cleaning staff.


  • You can get the key for the fitness room at the reception and sign the occupancy list. This way, we can ensure that there are not too many guests in the room at the same time. Please understand that we cannot offer the use of the fitness room during the training sessions of handball teams.
  • Towels are to be used for training. You are additionally welcome to borrow them at the reception.
  • Equipment must be cleaned with disinfectant after use.
  • Please follow the house rules posted at the entrance.